Recruit a foreign worker

Hiring a foreign workforce: More than just an administrative matter.

Hiring a foreign worker is much more than a formality, if the arrangement is to work well for the recruiting company as well as for the new worker. Recru-T’s approach is based on the values of respect and integrity, with great importance given to the human aspect of the process. We are not bureaucrats, but partners, and we accompany you every step of the way in order to facilitate your recruitment process. We are there, from the choice of the candidate, to the obtaining of their visa, to their onboarding at your workplace and their integration in your community. We are committed to ensuring that your foreign recruitment experience is smooth, pleasant and positive.

What steps are required to hire a foreign worker?

Assessing your needs

To find good people who will contribute to your company’s growth and stability, it is essential to clearly determine the requirements of the positions to be filled, identify your values and establish a realistic timeline. Our recruiters take the time needed, with you, to draw up a profile of the employees to be hired and to decide the next steps. Once we have properly identified your needs, we are able to work with our foreign partners to propose the best candidates.

Validating the applications received

Following receipt of the files of the candidates who best match the profiles sought, our recruiters conduct interviews and validate the information provided. Each file is scrutinized and we conduct a full analysis of their skills, references from previous employers, education and training, as well as criminal and medical history. Once evaluation of the applications is complete, we present you with the best files and select, with you, the candidates to be interviewed.

Interviewing selected foreign candidates

Your input is essential to our team when it comes time to conduct interviews, because in addition to skills, there needs to be a “connection.” We accompany you in this process to help you ask the right questions or to act as an interpreter if the worker speaks a language you are unfamiliar with. Usually, the interviews are conducted virtually. At the end of these meetings, we hold a debriefing with you to make the final selection and begin the hiring process. We make sure, at all times, to offer you an interesting selection so that you have options.

Legal and administrative procedures

Ensuring your peace of mind is a priority. We manage all the steps related to government authorizations in Canada and abroad, including visas and applications for permanent residence if you wish to hire a foreign worker on a longer-term basis. We also ensure that work permits are renewed when you have temporary workers returning each year. In addition, we help you obtain social insurance numbers, open bank accounts, apply for health insurance cards, and more.

Supporting your foreign workforce from A to Z

It’s not always an easy choice to leave one’s country; many workers do so because they want to improve living conditions for themselves or their family. Support is a crucial step in fostering the best possible experience for both the employer and the recruited employee. It is a stage where Recru-T especially stands out because our team includes immigrants who have lived through the process as candidates and recruiters who have experienced the process as employers.

Before their departure, the candidates have received all the information they need to fully understand the customs and traditions of their new home. We take care of them at every stage of their journey. From transportation to accommodation, through training, language courses and even the purchase of food—nothing is left to chance. We are also there to prepare you to properly welcome this person who has chosen to join your company and who, like you, is hoping to find the perfect match. Because we also want your foreign workers’ optimal integration, we stay by your side even after their arrival to support you in all matters relating to their well-being.

Recruit a foreign worker

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