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International recruitment : an effective response to the shortage of skilled labour.

International recruitment is essential to fostering the economic growth of businesses whose hiring is threatened by a desperate lack of specialized workers. It’s a fact: the retirement of the baby boomers and the aging of the population are factors that will perpetuate this shortage of skilled workers in the coming years.

According to a study published by the Bank of Canada in 2018, more than 40% of small and medium-sized businesses have difficulty hiring. There’s no question: having fewer skilled workers is slowing these companies’ operations and hurting their competitiveness. In such a context, the entrepreneurs who fare best are those who are taking concrete measures to circumvent this shortage. If you want to improve your positioning in your industry, you need to act rather than react. And if you are among those who believe that success requires a solid plan and a good strategy, trust Recru-T for your international recruitment needs.

Recru-T: To recruit the foreign workers you need.

Hiring international workers is complex. This is why you need to surround yourself with experts, such as those at Recru-T, who will be able to guide you through the process, from selecting to onboarding your foreign workers.

Effective recruiting requires, at minimum:

  • A solid understanding of your employment sector and the specific criteria for the positions to be filled;
  • Excellent knowledge of immigration issues and policies;
  • An extensive network of contacts abroad.

However, Recru-T believes that in addition to these criteria, there are other essential qualities that ensure ongoing recruitment success. Ethics, empathy and a willingness to create a lasting relationship between the employer and the foreign worker are a crucial part of the hiring process, because human values must always be part of the equation.

Recru-T: An international recruiter with real experience in the field.

Recru-T not only offers you specialists in human resources management or immigration to guide you through the process. It offers you passionate people who have extensive experience in the field, who have hired and worked with foreign workers for over 20 years. This experience makes all the difference, because it is the driving force that fosters harmonious integration for both parties. Recru-T’s experts are in a position to supervise foreign workers upon their arrival in order to optimize their assimilation into your company and their new living environment; they are also advisors you can count on to help you learn how to interact with these new arrivals, who have the capacity to make an invaluable contribution to your operations.

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